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Tom Reynolds


Tom has three decades of experience working in the corporate world with many large blue chip clients and has been specifically coaching and training teams and people for over 15 years within a business environment and to the general public.

Tom is passionate about people and teams and is fully commited to developing people through his coaching and training work.

Having started his career as a computer programmer Tom has always worked in teams and understands that great teams are greater than the sum of their parts and it is the whole that needs to be developed and nurtured so that teams and people can become high-performing and fulfill their potential.

In 2012 Tom formed his own company The Agile Mindset to focus solely on coaching, training and developing people to reach their potential, improve outcomes for the individuals and their organisations and to improve peoples lives.  The Agile Mindset is geared towards IT focused people and teams.

To work with a broader base outside of IT Tom started Sentient Essence with the purpose of coaching and developing individuals and teams across a much broader spectrum with the full undertanding that coaching can help everyone irrespective of their background or what they do.  Improving peoples lives is what matters to Tom and he wants everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from coaching.


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